Bycicle "Takhion Super Sport"
Bycicle "Takhion Super Sport"

The Takhion is a legendary Soviet bicycle of a professional sports level, designed for participation in track racing. The Central Design Technical Bureau of Bicycle Manufacturing in Kharkov was responsible for its development. It was one of the lightest bicycles available when it came into use, and even by today's standards, it is still incredibly light and a highly sought-after exhibit for enthusiasts and collectors.

I created this model for the Think Tank Training Center's Hero Prop assignment.
The task was to make a game-ready asset of your choice. Making it as identical as possible was the hardest aspect. I gathered a ton of references and took my time meticulously going over each one; it was a very beneficial experience. With special thanks to Giacomo Bonanno, my supervisor, who gave me a lot of helpful advice during the entire process.

For this project I used:
Modeling: Maya
UV packing: RizomUV
Baking: Marmoset Toolbag
Texturing: Substance Painter/Photoshop

1 UV Set 4K
41000 tris

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